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We periodically run specials on our print services.

Please call for current specials.



Take a look at our 10 styles of awesome 5x7 Graduation Announcements

and 8 different sizes of custom composites!

 (Click on any of the examples below to see the complete collection)


Time for a Fresh New Look? 

Discounted Prices Make it Easier to Experiment with Mounting Options:

  • Enjoy Simplicity with Canvas Wraps

  • Protect and Enhance with Lacquer Sprays 

  • Add Depth with Embossed Texture Finish 

  • Improve Stability and Framing with the Artboard Mount

  • Achieve Fine Art with a Canvas Mount 

  • Get the “Ready for the Gallery” Look with Brush Texture 

  • Lend an Air of Sophistication with the Bevel Mount

When You Talk, We Listen! 

       At True Color Photo, we believe in giving the customer what they want.  We can now order Savage brand backgrounds, stands and studio accessories. 

Call or email for details.

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