True Color Photo Imageing ROES

  ROES (remote order system software) is a Java-based automated ordering system that runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. 

It offers you the ability to select one of our defined products and precisely define crops and rotation on your images

within that product.  You simply choose a folder of images and start selecting from among our products in which to put them.

Once the desired crop is achieved, the item can be added to the current order and a new

product started.  Multiple image thumbnails can be dragged or double-clicked to add several images to the order quickly.  Advanced

features such as arbitrary rotation, auto rotate and fit are easily selectable in multiple ways.  Holding crop, options and quantity

between images of the same size will allow you to quickly process sets of similar images.

Once the order is composed, the user can review the items and add any options to individual sizes, images or the entire order.

Roes also offers an order queue and upload manager with automatic retry if an order upload fails.  It

also has a scheduled send so photographers can create orders and uploads at a specified time. 

Install TrueRoes

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