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Standard Digital Retouching includes removing blemishes, moles (upon request), and softening or removing lines on face only.  Retouching glass glare, stray hair, braces, etc. is done at an additional cost.  Artists digitally scan your negative and work from a positive on a computer monitor.  Your image is then printed to photographic paper.  No costly blending is required on the finished print.


Standard Digital Retouch Per Head

*Braces Removal

*Retouch Neck, Hands, Arms, Legs, etc.

*Fix tan lines, straps, etc.

*Fill in an area

*Remove Red Eye

*Stray Hair Removal

*Add/Subtract Catchlights

*Brighten Eye Colors/Whiten Eye Whites

*Glasses Glare Removed

*Remove Eyeglass Shadows

*Whiten Teeth

*Tone Down Facial Shine

Remove Small Object from Image

Remove Medium Object from Image

Remove Large Object from Image
Combine 2 Images
Switch Heads
Open Eyes (provide eyes in another neg)
Change Background (Simple)
Colorizing of Image
Enclose a proof with your exact instructions clearly marked in the negative glassine.  Please use one retouching instruction form per negative
*These services are all priced in addition to standard digital retouch.
*Any modification of a preset template minimum fee $30.00.
*Restorations done by art time - Quote…
*If not art, conversion fee to Black & White or Sepia is $5.00.


Prints are produced on Kodak Professional Endura Paper.  Prints are available from 2x3 to 20x30.  Today's technology allows us to digitally reproduce your negatives on photographic paper with the results comparable to traditional printing methods.  The quality of the digital print, as with the print made with traditional methods, is dependent upon the quality of the negative or file.  All 2x3 units are die cut.
True Color regularly accepts .tiff files for printing.  Any files received requiring modification will be charged a minimum surcharge of $15.00.  Files should be in .tiff format at 250dpi.  As always, if color matching is required, customer is responsible for supplying color sample.
2x3 minimum of 8
8x10 Magazine Cover
Double Sided Trading Cards (sold in units of 8)
8x10 Calendar
10x20 Calender
Composite 8x10 or wallet unit
Composite 11x14 and larger


Kodak 3570 Scans
CCD Imacon Flextight Scans up to 20mg
Print Scan (up to 10x13)
Save Images to CD
Save to ZIP (if ZIP is provided, will save to it for FREE)

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